La belleza de la paz



My name is Loloi…
From an early age I was deeply attracted to nature. My first drawings in crayons were taken from everything that surrounded me: mountains, prairies, birds and plants. When I was 10 years old, I started to paint with watercolours. In fact every free moment I got I dedicated to painting which transported me into another world.

After my baccalaureate, I studied Fine Arts in the Universities of New York and Colorado and learnt many new techniques and trends in the Plastic Arts. I was extremely attracted to Impressionism. Many of my paintings express an imaginary nature where spirituality plays an important role. Universal Peace and Humanity are common elements in my work. These two concepts of the Bahai faith have influenced me greatly.

The union of nature and man’s inner nature leads to the objective of peace, love and unity and onwards to inner freedom.